Ozturk Cocoa Roaster 30

We have worked with Ozturk to optimize their coffee roaster for cocoa.  In particular the drum speed and air flow were reduced and the thermocouple optimized for better temperature readings.

Each Roaster is custom built and takes approximately 8-12 weeks to shipping from the manufacturer.  We can ship to any country.  Port/Ocean Shipping is included in the listed price.  Custom clearance and door to door delivery is an additional option.

Although straight forward to uncrate and assembly, on-site assistance is an option.  Please contact us directly for details and pricing.

In addition to the 30 lb capacity model shown here, many other sizes are available.  15 lbs, 50 lbs, 100 lbs, 250 lbs.  Please inquire if you want details on one of those. 



OKS - 30

Roasting Time 


10-30 Minutes 

Batch Capacity 


15-30 lbs cocoa  

Roaster Footprint (with clearances 18 ")
Roaster Dimensions (Length,Width,Height)


72" X 95"

65" X 38" X 76"



220 Volts @ 20 amps or 110 V @ 40 amps, 50-60Hz, 1-3 Phase are available regarding to customer preference 

Fuel and Exhaust


LPG,PROPANE and Natural Gas(easy to switch lpg to natural gas) 

32,000 – 52,000 BTU

8" duct.  Exhaust 450-600 CFM



Red, Black, Yellow

Body Type 


Chrome, Brass or Copper body finishing 



450 kg. 


1 Year

Security Systems :

  • Gas Security System : To shut down all system in condition of any abnormality in gas pressure.
  • Security button to turn off all roasting process.

Temperature Control : Digital Temperature Controls and Digital Temperature Indication.

Other Specifications :    

  • Flame Control
  • Sight glass, sampling tube and digital temperature readouts.
  • A large cooler with fan.
  • Independent motors for the solid roasting drum and cooling tank.
  • Independent fans for the roasting drum and cooling tank.
  • Installation and start up manual for easy using.
  • Electric and Gas components are CE Certified
  • Low noise level.
  • User Manual comes with roaster.

Optional Specifications :  For all please contact us directly to work out prices and details.

  • Drum and Drum Fan Speed Control
  • Optional embossed logo on drum(Copper Models)
  • Optional copper and stainless steel available on drum and cooling tank.
  • An external chaff collector.