About Us

Welcome to the Wholesale division of Chocolate Alchemy.

There is no simple, one rule formula or way to ship wholesale quantities of cocoa bean in most cases. But we have attempted to lay it out as simply as possible.

The Minimum wholesale order is 25 lbs.

Conversely, on selected cocoa beans, we can supply you with multiple 65 kg bags a month (roasted or raw) if that is your need.

We are here to assist you with your growing or established business. If there is a service or product you don’t find what you need here, please ask, we may be able to help.

Cocoa beans are a seasonal product, and as such, come and go. Not all of the cocoa beans we offer retail are available in wholesale quantities.

In regards to the 25 lb minimum. You will see 10 lb increments of beans offered. It is up to you to add at least 3 to reach the minimum. If you do not, there will not be a valid shipping option and you can not check out. You are welcome to mix and match multiple bean types to reach the minimum.

If you need lesser amounts, please visit our Retail storefront.