Evaluation Samples

I know it is daunting to purchase a bag of beans from a description alone.  I know I depend upon samples myself for making purchasing decisions.  With that:

  • We offer 1-5 lb samples at a flat rate of $6/lb plus shipping. 
  • If you end up purchasing a bag or more, we are happy deduct the sample cost (of that one sample) from your purchase.
  • If you buy two different bags, both sample costs would be deducted.

 Unfortunately we are not able to make this 100% automated so if you would like samples of beans, please email wholesalesamples at chocolatealchemy dot com 

Please include the following:

  • Company name
  • Origin(s) you wish to evaluate
  • Number of pounds
  • Mailing and Billing address
  • Preferred shipping method (FedEx, UPS or USPS)

We will calculate shipping and email you a link to complete your order.

A few pesky details. 

  • There is a 5 lb maximum for each evaluation sample.
  • You may sample the sample bean twice.  We understand sometimes things go wrong.
  • If we determine you are attempting to game the system and avoid retail prices we reserve the right to cancel your order.  Just please don’t.
  • If you purchase 1 or more bags and wish us to apply the sample cost to the new order you MUST include the sample order number in the order.
  • We are only offering whole raw beans.  If you want any combination of nibs or roasted beans you will still need to purchase them on the Retail store.