Ecuador Palo Santo - 2023 - Cacao Latitudes

Chocolate Alchemy and Cacao Latitudes are pleased to be partners in getting you the best cocoa beans you need and deserve.  

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Crop Year: 2023

Genetics:  Hybrid Trinitario

Certifications: UTZ

Size:  Average Uniform Size

Fermentation: Uniform Fermentation in Heaps, 4-5 Days

Drying: Sun Dried on Cement, Covered Tunnel

Hand Sort: No

Bag Size: 25 kg

Harvest Season: Year round

Harvest Volume: 125 MT/year

Flavor Notes:

The aroma starts off with higher notes of pine resin, mint and citrus peel.  There is chocolate and sweet nut aromas in a subtle way too. Going around the chart, there is a soft malic acidity, the bitter edge of orange rind and a bit of hoppy astringency. The sweetness noted in the aroma continues on in the flavor and backed up by an candied nuts.   It rounds off with a creamy mouth feel, light clove, resinous wood and a soft sweet fresh date in the aftertaste.

The Farm

Just a sea breeze away from the Ecuadorian coast, a family-owned
plantation has been perfecting its cacao production for three
generations. While Esteban Jr. manages a deliberate post-harvest
process that’s been refined over the years by his father, inside, you’ll
find Maria and Claudia handling the business side of this bustling and
innovative farm

About our Partnership

We’ve supported their expansion from a family farm into a modernized
operation that’s bringing their passion for cacao to the world. Through
access, logistics, and marketing, we further their message that cacao is
beautiful in every form, from its decorative pods, to its delicious pulp, to
its beans that become the chocolate we all adore

Chocolate Alchemy is coordinating and handling  USA orders a pallet and under for Cacao Latitudes.

Please note, all orders have a warehouse load out charge not listed ranging from $100-200 on average, in addition to shipping.

We can also provide beans roasted, whole or as nibs.  Please Contact Us if you do not see the amount you need listed.

Due to the higher nut value in the spider chart, I recommend keeping the EOR temperature pretty low so it does not go extra bitter.  To assure there is not a raw astringency taste you want to draw the Finishing phase out past the minimum 3 minute mark to make sure there is full heat penetration and a development of the inherent

Drum roasting I found I like X/2.75/4.5 @ 254-256 F