Champion Juicer 2000 - Used

Due to the Corona Virus, Champion has terminated production of the Champion 2000 so new units are a thing of the past.

Until we cannot, we are now offering used Champion 2000 units in 120 v that we have verified are in working order.  Currently we can't offer spare parts but those for the time being are available direct from Champion until supplies run out.

We simply can not recommend it enough for grinding your Cocoa beans into Cocoa mass. I have found nothing else on the market works as well. A number of other juicers will start to liquefy the cocoa, but usually don’t have enough power to really do the job, and you end up with what some people are describing as “ropes”. No other juicer that I know of filters out the trace amounts of husk as well either.

With the lower screen off, you can use it to crack your cocoa beans before winnowing.  We specifically recommend it for our Sylph and Aether winnower.  These also pair specifically with our Deluxe Cracker which eliminates the need to get spare parts from Champion as we continue to make and support them.

You can purchase just the motor or the motor with a limited number of attachments.  The attachments offered are what you need to use it to crack cocoa beans and are:

  • Body
  • Cutter
  • Guard/screen holder

We don't offer:

  • Spout/funnel
  • Screens
  • Tamper

Again, until supplies run out you can get those parts at

We will ship these world wide.  It is worth noting we can only can supply 120 V models. If you are in a country that requires a different voltage, I highly recommend this Power Transformer.  It may look like overkill but it does a great job.  I have and use two in my R+D shop and have never had an issue.

Due to the used nature of these units, the ONLY warranty we can offer is that it will not arrive DOA.

Please note, if you buy only a motor, some of these have a magnetic switch that requires the plastic body and guard to be in place before it will turn on.  I can't tell you whether the one you receive will have that feature or not.

Likewise, we cannot offer or guarantee the color or ANY aesthetic nicks, dings, scraps or the like.  They come as is visually and are only guaranteed to turn on when they arrive.