Oat Milk Powder - 20 kg Organic

Certifications : Organic, (non-GMO), gluten free, kosher and vegan. 

On a weekly basis I receive a question about making milk free ‘milk chocolate’.  I like a particular soy milk powder probably the best but I'll grant it has quite the laundry list of ingredients.  Some people also like coconut milk powder but I find it too domineering in its coconut flavor profile.  And pretty much all others alternatives (oat powder, potato, nut, etc) I find missing a certain creaminess or have a distinct grain flavor....until now. 

This Oat milk powder address all these issues.

  • It has two ingredients.  Oats and enzymes
  • It has a great creamy flavor without any graininess
  • It does not cause any issues with tempering

For calculation purposes for your recipe it has following proportions:

  • 7% fat by weight
  • 40.5% sugar (natural converted by enzymes)
  • 72% total carbohydrates
  • 15.5% protein

Give it a try with this really simple 50% milk chocolate recipe

8 oz Cocoa nibs (25%)
8 oz Cocoa butter (25%)
8 oz Oat milk powder (25%)
8 oz sugar (25%)

This ‘milk’ will also work quite nicely for a white chocolate.