Peru Piura - 2021 Organic - Cacao Latitudes

Chocolate Alchemy and Cacao Latitudes are pleased to be partners in getting you the best cocoa beans you need and deserve.  

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Crop Year: 2021

Certifications: Organic

Genetics:  Albino / Nacional

Size:  Average Uniform Size 100 g / 93 beans

Fermentation: Centralized Fermentation, Wooden Box

Drying: Solar Dried on Mesh Beds

Hand Sort: Yes

Bag Size: 62.5 kg

Harvest Season: Feb-June, Oct, Nov

Harvest Volume: 40 MT/year

Flavor Notes:

Radiant raspberry and citrus

About the Farm

Amid the arid desert of the Piura Valley, dedicated farmers harness the Andean waterways to keep their unexpected groves blooming on even the hottest of days. These smallholder growers have organized into collectives and use diverse agroforestry to make the most of their yields, cultivating their cacao alongside mango, citrus, and rice.

About our Partnership

Together with Original Beans, we pay conservation premiums to preserve the genetics of this ultra-rare Piura cacao. By identifying genetically strong trees, establishing new cacao nurseries, and providing ongoing nursery management training, we can ensure this varietal will be enjoyed for years to come.

Chocolate Alchemy is coordinating and handling  USA orders a pallet and under for Cacao Latitudes.

Please note, all orders have a warehouse load out charge not listed ranging from $100-200 on average, in addition to shipping.

We can also provide beans roasted, whole or as nibs.  Please Contact Us if you do not see the amount you need listed.