Spectra 155NB Melanger

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    • 77 lb /35 kg
    • 3.5' x 2' x  4.3'
    • 43" x 24" x 52"110 x 60 x 135 cm

      Spectra (formally know as Santha) was the very first wet grinder company to work with Chocolate Alchemy back in 2004 to produce what we all now know as Chocolate Melangers. All other manufacturers have stood on their proverbial shoulders. With those 18+ years of experience, comes unparalleled knowledge of the needs of the chocolate bean to bar community. Problems that other companies continue to 'fix' have been solved long ago by Spectra. Chocolate Alchemy works in partnership with Spectra to ensure our customers receive excellent customer service when purchasing and using Spectra products.

      If you are curious, the NB stands for Nut Butter and you can make those too if you like, along with other wet processed foods such as hummus, dosa batter, corn masa and more.

      This unit has two black granite rollers rolling on a heavy granite base that is capable of rotating up to 150 rpm with standard equipment the variable speed controller via Electronic Touch Screen. Tension of the granite stones can be adjusted to achieve different grades of shear at different stages of grinding and for different ingredients. This feature can reduce the particles of sugar and cocoa to the smoothness we expect in modern chocolate, down to around 15 microns. Please read the Grinding section about how to use it and it's limitations.

      • High grade 304 Stainless steel drum with food grade wear resistant Delrin components
      • Stainless Steel 304 grade hub as a standard.
      • Heavy duty and built for continuous and heavy use
      • Tilting feature lets you tilt the entire unit for easy removal of contents and easy cleaning. The system has both double safety catches to prevent accidental tilting.
      • Tilting feature is geared for easy handling (motorize option available - Please inquire)
      • The motor mounted on side and not beneath the drum … So, the machine is not tall and has great stability with a lower center of gravity and ease of tilting.
      • The lower height makes it easier to look inside and clean inside.
      • Stainless Steel 304 grade body and supporting stand.
      • Double scrapper arms improve the grinding efficient over single scrapper arms
      • Real Black Granite Stone is used to prevent chipping or thinning and long life and is easy to remove for cleaning.
      • Castor wheels with brakes provided as standard.
      • We have readily available spare parts that can ship worldwide and give you peace of mind

      Electronic Touch Screen Controller

      Spectra has really outdone themselves with the newest model of touch screen controller.

      Control panel

      The highlights of this Touch screen digital controller are:
      • Easy and intuitive touch screen operation
      • Start/Stop
      • Speed adjustment
      • Run time
      • Can monitor trends of current and torque to determine loads when used intensely
      • Can monitor total run time, instantaneous torque and current consumption.
      • Allows easy review of any errors and warnings.

      The unit comes with all attachments, no need to buy any additional add-ons.

      Motors come with or without CE certification at the customer's choice and needs.

      • 220 Volts , Single Phase, 2 HP, CE certified motor available - 10 amps
      • Electronic speed controller UL/CE safety certified.
      • Chain or Belt drive *
      • Stainless steel hardware
      • Drum Dimension: ~16"diameter x 15" deep
      • Dimensions: ~ 43" x 24" x 52" - 145 x 61 x 132 cm
      • Packed Dimensions: ~57" x 30" x 60" - 110 cm x 75 cm x 125 cm
      • Gross weight Approx 610 lb / 275 kg

      Please contact us if you are interested in 3 phase or higher voltage models.

      As delivery is made to many countries with different electrical plug standards, the standard product may not suit your countries standard and there may be instances when you may have to have the plug replaced to suit your countries standards.

      We are excited to give you the option of selecting Belt or Chain drives for this model. The belt or chain drive machines are identical in all respects. The main difference is that the chain is slightly noisier like you can imagine a fast bicycle chain, while the belt is very quiet in operation.

      The belt needs to changed out every 1-2 years,

      The chain needs replacing every 3-4 years. The chain needs to be cleaned and lubricated every few months. Chocolate Alchemy recommends this option for better power transmission and durability.

      Replacement costs for spare belts or chains are not expensive and both are economical.

      Please select your preferred option before adding to cart.

      This item is drop ships from India and takes 3-4 weeks to ship as they are built to order and generally require 10 days to clear export customs plus transit time.

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      Port Delivery - This is the standard option and often the only option for many international locations. The unit will be delivered to the nearest Air or Ocean port. The customer is responsible for clearing it through customs as needed, with all applicable fees and taxes, and arranging shipping the the final destination.

      Door to Door - In many instances, we can offer this service and where available, it is highly recommended even though it carries a $500 fee since custom clearances and over land transport costs can easily exceed this amount.

      • Most locations in the 48 lower USA states and Canada can have this service.
      • Only the larger islands in Hawaii support this service and select locations in Alaska
      • International - It is best to reach out to us before placing the order and we can determine if we can offer Door to Door. Feel free to pick it, just note the Disclaimer below.

      DISCLAIMER- Just because an option is available here does NOT mean it is accurate. i.e. if you live on one of the small Hawaiian islands, you can pick the Door to Door option but we know it is not available. Feel free to pick it though. We'll verify when we get the order and let you know and of course only charge you for Port delivery, meaning will will deduct $500 from the amount you have authorized.

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