Whole Milk Powder - 25 lb

This is a spray dried, whole milk powder, perfect for making milk chocolate with. It is also Kosher. It can give you the classic smooth milk chocolate flavor.

29.1% fat by weight
38% lactose (sugar)
26% Protein
6.9% moisture and ash

I have a page for the Milk Chocolate Recipe I use quite a bit. It gives full directions. If you use the following ratios (a little different from the recipe above), you can make a smaller, slightly different batch of 40% milk chocolate.  I like the Ivory Coast and Costa Rica, but any will do. Go by your own tastes.

10 oz Cocoa liqueur from a well flavored cocoa bean (14.7%)
16 oz Cocoa butter (26.5%)
8 oz Milk powder (11.8%)
32 oz sugar (47.1%)

This Milk Powder will also work quite nicely for a White Chocolate.

Finally, I was told the Canadian import tariff on powdered milk is over 200%, if you are ordering from there, you may need to take that into account.